Thursday, March 1, 2012


Framed art

I'm at the very last stages of production on about four pieces. I'm dying to show them off but can't yet. Each piece has needed special attention and continues to need more work. The Bitty Bosco resin's face just wouldn't cooperate with me until I purchased new eye glasses. The Little Lonestar resin's hooves continue to give me fits and hooves are a no brainer for me, but not on this guy. By midnight tonight he will have beautiful hooves. Until then however, I decided to take a much needed "art diversion" and play around with a frame I purchased at a discount store.

This local discount store never ceases to entice me. There is always something fun to purchase that I can either manipulate or can use immediately in the house. Last excursion to said store produced those lovely paper boxes which are now holding all the artwork from my little "mouse adventure" (which will be picking up again shortly. I needed a bit of a break from it to gather my thoughts. Do I kill her? Do I let her live?)

In any case, last trip produced a very interesting frame which I felt could be used in conjunction with some really old bicycle posters I have been dying to hang somewhere in my home. One in particular was a poster of an angel with a bike. Angels are most welcome in my home and this frame was perfect for this one poster. In all honesty, you shouldn't pass up such stores as they offer wonderful opportunities to decorate your home in interesting ways and no one will be the wiser if you do it properly.

If you've never done anything like this before its actually really simple. Basically you just tear the back apart and then pop out their artwork and pop in your own. This took seconds. Now I have an angel picture for my fireplace room which has all the colors that are in my fireplace room which helps to further unify my room.

Tear apart backing
and push staples upward to release art

Oversized poster book (which was
falling apart anyway) had the perfect print

New art which caters not only
to my room decor by tastes.

"Intermission III"
Graphite and watercolor on paper
(I like drawing their feeties and she's
been needing lots more attention and snuggling.)

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