Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Several pieces have come to completion all at the same time. Last night I tried to get official studio shots using the photo cube, but I've grown to prefer the natural lighting especially on the chestnut horses. Out of all the colors to photograph chestnuts remain the most difficult. I took well over a hundred shots last night and couldn't use one so I had to reshoot every horse this morning. I'm happy that all the photos came out well the second time around. Natural lighting seems to be best.

The Indian Silver resin has just captivated me. I enjoyed painting all the pieces, but this one gave me such a difficult time that in the process I just fell to love the resin and the color the owner chose. Also, I believe that once he was completed he just reminded me so much of the little Arab "Saladin" I would ride every Saturday down at Jamaica Bay. Riding a horse on the beach is fun, but riding an Arab along the water at full speed is just magical. I'm sorry to have to send this resin home, but I've kept him far too long I'm afraid so he must leave. In any case, sharing some finishes with you.

Indian Silver resin (chestnut)

AA Chaney Arabian foal (chestnut)

Bitty Bosco resin (buckskin going grey)

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