Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dumpster Diving (Take II)

Finds from the dumpster

This year has been absolutely CHOICE for dumpster diving! Another neighbor rented a huge dumpster in order to rid her house of unwanted items and I stumbled upon the dumpster right after it was delivered. Chairs, tables, slabs of slate, and a mirror (which turned out to be the perfect addition for my vanity project from last weekend) were all being tossed out into the dumpster. She had everything on the side of her house just waiting to be tossed. She was most happy to let me rummage through everything and even though I'm fairly secure in diving head first into garbage I felt the need to show her previous projects I had taken photos of on my phone.

More finds...this is not everything, but the
pieces I am most excited to re purpose

Detail on the lamp base

Detail of worn out wood
on the table. Perfect!

More beautiful details
on the lamp

I can't wait to
bring this lamp back to life

Of course all that dumpster diving (and carting/carrying everything back to my house a block away) deserved a good meal and my cravings for Lo Mien were much too great to be ignored. Not to mention the fact that I was fresh out of fortunes. I'm nicely stocked now after my dinner out. I have received a few inquires about whether I'll be selling these little "mice fortunes" and the answer is, yes. I'll be preparing them for sale and offering them via my Etsy store shortly.

More fortunes gathered
during dinner out with my family.

Decoupage, Graphite, Watercolor, and
Acrylics on archival bristol


Vicky said...

Awesome finds! I'm so loving your blog and your mouse family/lovers! That mirror looks great and the lamp is going to look wonderful when you get it redone.

Anonymous said...

That seat in the first picture is really cool looking!