Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mouse Family (finish)

Mouse family (detail) commission in
watercolor and acrylic on archival bristol.

Today found me busy finishing up a commission for a family of mice. My two little love-y mice have sparked a bit of interest with private collectors and I am very happy to accommodate their requests ( if you have something specific in mind for you gift giving needs.) The initial steps of an illustration are fun to produced and share, but the final stages are time consuming and require full concentration. No real "action" photo wise here just the finished piece. Just mom, dad and their four babies sitting in the outdoors.

Of course, my little lovers were about the studio too. I've shown them hugging, kissing, dancing and now snuggling under a big blanket. Although the weather has warmed up considerably it's still cold at night and it seemed fitting to snuggle them tight under a big warm blanket.

Full shot of mouse family

Graphite, Watercolor and Acrylics on archival bristol.
(Opps....paper watermark steppin in to say, "hi" in this one!)

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