Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Old sewing table
purchased at estate sale for $4.

In the last 24 hours I have become obsessed with image transfers. I stumbled upon some images and ideas on furniture and pillows online and the rest became history. I am now in full fledged "image transfer" mode.

Walls in my basement studio are not safe….they were hit and will probably become subject to more transfers. Ceramic tiles lying about the basement studio were not safe either, but did not play well with the laser transfer. I will get them to play nice. I promise. On going furniture projects…totally NOT safe from this adventure and my latest vanity table was hit with some French images. I'm not sure if I like what I've done as I feel the image might be too small, but despite that fact it is still very pretty and the transfer was easy and fairly painless. The only drawback to all this is the transfer of laser copy to surface is VERY smelly and Im afraid toxic. Here is how I did it:

1). Printed out image using my laser printer.
2) Wiped a small amount of Xylene (found at hardware store) along surface.
3) Pressed image onto surface using an old credit card. The harder you press the darker the image.

Of course my mind is going into overdrive now. How can I get my little mice and or critters on furniture/things? It's a lovely spring adventure I'm on, that's for sure!

Roughed up the wood with a hammer
and a chisel

Painted the vanity and distressed it
using paint I had lying around.

Planning the image and where I will place it.
(The flower arrangement was made compliments of my friend Cindy who makes the most beautiful and thoughtful arrangements)

The image once applied
looks old and worn but beautiful

Supplies for project consisted of:
Xylene, an old credit card and the laser printed image

Typography applied to the front piece

Another view of the main image

Finished vanity desk

Image transfers look even better
on plain wood!

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