Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vanity Restoration (Mirror)

Mirror found in a dumpster

This weekend I centered my energies on the mirror I pulled out of a dumpster. As with the vanity I started by roughing up the surface a bit with a 3-in-one and a hammer.


You can't make too many marks or do this step incorrectly. Every mark you make gives the wood that much more texture which makes the finished result prettier. I documented the process as I worked on the mirror. If you are curious this is how I re purposed this old unwanted mirror. Not bad for a new vanity! Overall cost (minus all the elbow grease): $11 ($4 for the desk and $7 for the can of Xylene....I had everything else just lying around.)

Quality primer used over the old wood/paint

Light washes of blue/black paint spread
over the entire mirror and wiped off just a bit

Detail that comes out after
the wash is wiped off slightly

Dry brush white over washes

Laser print burnished on wood
using Xylene transfer

Another transfer on the mirror

Cause it needed just one more transfer....

Shot of the finished piece

Finished piece (close up)

Graphite, Watercolor and Acrylic on archival Bristol

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