Monday, March 26, 2012

Peeps, Tiles and More Drawings

Emily and her peeps

Took a few moments today, despite the return of the cold weather, to snap a few shots of Emily and her peeps. Both new additions have been given names. The peep with the orange feet is named "Honey" (according to my son) and the other is named "Sage". Fitting names I believe.

Other than a few seconds stolen trying to get a few shots of my chickens it was, without a doubt, an indoor studio day. Most of the day I drew since the urge was very strong but I did take a short break to play around with those Xylene transfers again. They transfer fairly decently on unglazed tiles. Not sure where I'm headed with this tile but its been a fun diversion.'s cold out there!

Xylene transfer and oil washes
on matte tile

Slight Recap of my little mouse story:
(This is the part where he goes to rescue her)

"All the world will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies, and when they catch you, they will kill you... but first they must catch you."
~Richard Adams "Watership Down"

"No Danger Too Great"
Graphite, Watercolor, and Acrylics on archival bristol

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