Thursday, February 9, 2012

Candy Hearts

Hearts, paper and hot glue
completed this project....LOL

One pink xeroxed sheet covered with hearts, words divided into two columns with the names of the boys and the girls in the classroom, and candy hearts were placed on the kitchen table tonight from my son's school bag. Memories of Valentine's Day past came rushing in.

Which card would I give to the cute little boy every girl would be giving a card to so he'd know *I* gave him a card? Did he give one to ME? Yes!!! Yes he did!! But, oh wait, everyone got a card from everyone in grade school. But then came high school and that was a different story. Carnations were freely purchased and distributed with sheets of paper attached with the sender's name. Did I get one! YEs! Yes I did….from my friend Amy. We made a pact that we would purchase each other one so we wouldn't feel left out. Every year I got the one flower. So did she.

So now my son gets to go through this school ritual. He seems very excited about purchasing cards and writing everyone's name on each. No girls seem to be getting his attention. Not yet. I'm spared….for now. We had great fun reading the candy hearts tonight too. For the most part they haven't changed much. Well, for the most part they were normal. A few were "odd". Of course, my brain went on overdrive when I viewed them. I ignored this for about two hours and then after my son went to bed I tore through my supplies and just let the mice do as they pleased. I have no control over these two at this point. They have taken over my brain. LOL

He was to be going for her tail but as I was coloring the background a heart came through. No manipulation on this one. I decided not to glue the candy heart to it. The heart that showed up is more special.

Modern Love

No hot glue project would be
complete without a huge glob on the project AND a finger.
This glob got both.

Im still trying to figure these out.
The "hopeless" one will most definitely get chucked
in the garbage. Love is never hopeless. It is always right.
I think the last one needs a decoder ring.

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