Sunday, February 12, 2012

Live Bar Sketching: Tommyboy's Bar & Grill

My favorite drawing
of the night.

It was a great night for sketching. The bar was completely packed with a ton of people all with different shaped heads and features. Once again, I found men to be easier to draw than women. Ive been trying to capture full architectural scenes but the perspective has me on the run. It is very difficult to draw full scenes. I did three but will only show this one (which isn't any good anyway, to be honest, but Im trying.)

His tie-died shirt inspired
me to use my purple pencil.

Trying some new things and its not going well.
I want to capture full scenes but it is difficult because everyone
moves so much and the scenery changes in seconds.

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Carol said...

Love your sketches! The full scene actually reads very well, I can see depth and don't know exactly what the scene is, but I can tell that it's an interior or a setting with a group of people.