Thursday, February 23, 2012


Postal Gold

I have the
post office.

Anyone who ships out many packages during the year through the USPO will recognize this picture as postal gold. Don't ask how in the world I managed to score Priority tape this morning from the lovely postal worker behind the counter, but I did. Nothing compares to this shipping tape. And yeah, there are two rolls there. Im so buying her Godiva chocolate. She looked like a woman who would appreciate fine chocolate on a hard work day.

Meanwhile, I've fallen in love with the visiting Indian Silver resin. I have been procrastitning on finishing him (and I only have about an hour left to finsh) cause I know he'll have to leave the next day and Im not ready to let him go. There is something about Deborah McDermott's sculptures that when painted, magic happens. The resin looses it's coldness and it seems to breath. I may actually have to pull out my tack and play. I'm sorta curious to see if my Jessica Freedman saddle will fit this guy. Also in the news, the pumpkin I forgot to ditch since Halloween on the front porch is decaying nicely. I'm so inspired by this and may have to draw it/paint it soon.

Decay fascinates me

"The Hug"
Graphite, Acrylic and Watercolor on archival bristol

"The best gift you can give is a hug; one size fits all and no one ever minds if you return it."

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