Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's

I had taken two finger-bowls of champagne, and the scene had changed before my eyes into something significant,
elemental and profound." ~F. Scott Fitzgerald

On every level....

.....drinking an entire bottle of champagne alone on Valentine's Day is wrong! But letting this day go by (which is my favorite holiday of the year) without some type of recognition and without some champagne sipped out of expensive crystal would be utterly, UTTERLY ridiculous. So….when drinking champagne alone we add a spoon to help keep the bubbles fresh when it can't be finished. Yes, a regular spoon seems to keep the bubbly bubbly and then next morning a fresh and bubbly mimosa can be happily enjoyed.

Happiest of Valentine's to you all!

“Wine is constant proof that God
loves us and loves to see us happy.”
(The hearts in the splash and at the base of the stem
happened on their own. I noticed them when I went to
photograph this sketch.)

“Wine gives courage and makes men more apt for passion.”

There has fallen a splendid tear
From the passion-flower at the gate.
She is coming, my dove, my dear;
She is coming, my life, my fate;
The red rose cries, "She is near, she is near;"
And the white rose weeps, "She is late;"
The larkspur listens, "I hear, I hear;"
And the lily whispers, "I wait."

~ Tennyson

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