Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Non Studio Days

Shot around the studio: Work desk

Non studio days are fun and necessary to keep creative flow going. I'd been experiencing some burn out in the studio, in particular with the horses. I just needed a tiny break from laying down color and putting in hours of detail on pieces. In doing something completely different and non studio I found inspiration and new creative fire.

I had a photo shoot today and the site I met the photographers at was an old run down coal breaker. I had never been to this site and everything about it was fascinating to me. The shapes of the broken windows, the decay of the metal and the colors of the moss growing everywhere on the ground and stone inspired me. The one spot the photographers shot me in was even more fascinating as it held the most interesting green color. Someone had taken that interest even further with salmon colored spray paint on these walls which was, oddly enough, the perfect complimentary color to the natural moss green growing on the concrete. These two colors won't leave me alone and have planted themselves firmly in my brain. I need to use them somewhere soon in a project. They were beautiful.

Shot around the studio: Resins and paintings

Shot around the studio: Mouse drawings

"The Fall"
(Release and Surrender-She Gives Up)
Graphite, Acrylics and Watercolors on paper

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