Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th

Fireworks right outside the door here.

One of the best parts about coming back to PA is fireworks on (or around) the 4th of July. Aside from the Macy's display in NYC it's pretty quiet there and very illegal to even light sparklers, so it's a treat to watch fireworks on this holiday cause that is what I always did. Seemed strange for all those years in NYC not to see them in person.

The best part about PA fireworks, at least where I live, you can view them right from a porch. In this case, I view them from my parent's house which you can see...

Because the holiday lands in the middle of the week it's been a firework display almost every night here since Saturday. Tonight's should be the best though and until it gets dark the Stormwatch resin is getting my attention. Many, many layers of whites are being placed down over the coat color. I believe extreme sabino looks good on him. Im excited to detail his face. It's my favorite part of him.

Studio is moved outside on the stoop today.

Stormwatch resin getting my attention today.

Photographed this strange bug when I took
my son to the park this morning.
What is it????!!

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Niroot said...

Jenn, that looks like an Anthomyiid fly of some sort. No idea which genus though.