Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's a Mystery

Wooden base sanded and ready for stain.

So today was quite a strange day. Most days I really don't know what I'm going to write about on the blog. I sorta "wing" it and wait for the articles to reveal themselves to me. For a few years now, I've been pretty lucky! I always manage to find something to discuss.

Add stain to the wood and let dry.

Today was no different. I woke and half way through my morning coffee posted the same question I post to myself every morning over coffee and that is, "What are you going to write about today?" Since the Stormwatch had gotten a bit of air time (btw, he is for sale now) the little Netsky was next on the list to show off on the blog.

Finishing her gave me a nice opportunity to discuss bases and how to make a simple one. Her pink bows prompted the urge to make a base with green and pink flocking. Of course the best laid plans get changed when something more extraordinary comes along and that is exactly what happened today when I took a studio break and headed to the grocery store.

Painters tape is used to cover the sides.

Sobo glue is brushed on the top.

I pulled out a dollar bill to pay for my items and I noticed a signature on the bill and it looked familiar. Actually there were four names on that bill and all of them were familiar. Monica, Selina, Thelma and of course Sylvia were names of people I all knew from Brooklyn, NY when I lived there. All were close friends and all were represented on this bill I almost handed to the cashier.

I stood in disbelief. Somehow, someway this bill that was signed "lucky dollar" by my good friends and given a date of 3/5/2005 managed to make it's way to me at this point in time Why? I have no idea. But as I sit here with the dollar bill neatly tucked into one of the ribbons of my french board (Ill never cash it) I reminisce about all the fun times I had in Brooklyn with these ladies. The dinners, the painting sessions, the laughs and the tears when Syl was moved by her company to Florida to work. That was in 2005 right when this bill was signed. I have seen her once since she moved. Time just flies and distance prevents frequent visits.

I have absolutely no clue how this bill found its way into my wallet in PA. It definitely put the brakes on most of the work I had to complete in the office today. I did manage to finish the base, but just barely. I just couldn't stop thinking about the bill. What were the odds?

It's a strange, but beautiful mystery.

A mixture of small rock and sand is spread on the glue.

Green and pink flock is also added.
I never get to use this pink flock but it
worked perfectly for this set up.

The finished display.

Close up of Netsky with her bows.
She will be for sale.

The bill....

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