Wednesday, July 18, 2012

NAN and a Bird

"DNS Digra Danzer"
Photograph courtesy of Heather Abounader of
Desert Night Creations.

I was most excited today to watch the results of the 2012 North American Nationals as they were announced online. I recognized a few horses as having been painted in my studio. So far (from what I can tell) there were six Top Tens and two Grand Champions. Congratulations to all owners!

Even more exciting today was seeing the little bird I watched fall out of a tree yesterday and land on the road perched safely on the wire right outside my bedroom window. It had fallen and nearly got hit twice by cars yesterday. I couldn't stand to see him get smooshed so I helped him a bit. Today I drew him a bit. I was just shocked to see him. He's a cute little thing and he seems to feel safe hanging around the house as his parents cater to him from wherever.

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