Friday, July 27, 2012

On The Farm

Beautiful lines and inspirations in the barn.

Yesterday I dropped everything in the studio to go and hang out with my cousin. I was riddled with guilt as I drove to her farm. I knew I had a ton of commissions to complete and even thought I did bring pieces to prep I knew I'd probably never open the "work bag" once I got to her home.

I was right about the work bag, but never expected to be so inspired at every turn at her house. She and her husband own a farm and although I have been to their house once before I never really went with my "artist's eye" on. Once on though, I was overwhelmed.

Their property is gigantic and from the bedroom window where I slept I caught the most enticing and amazingly beautiful and colorful landscape. The view was what I was mulling around in my head to paint for the entire summer. Each window from her house produced a new view and one I got excited to flesh out on canvas.

The black and white against the green is absolutely enticing

Add some cows to those landscapes and the longing to paint increases. There is just something intriguing about black and white on green.

My cousin also has horses which captivated me for most of the barn visit. It was literally impossible for me to walk away, especially from the Appaloosa gelding whom took a liking to me and kept following me everywhere I went. It wasn't until the boss hen started yakin away at me that I turned attentions to the chickens. There are lots of them and they all were free ranging and beautiful. I was dying to draw them, but I neglected to pack the sketchbook in the work bag. First thing I did once home however, was sketch out everything that inspired.

He provided a plethora of Appaloosa reference
and an abundance of hugs.

The structure of his face made me want to sculpt again.

A most impressive comb.

Boss hen
Talking up a storm.

Graphite and watercolor on paper.

Of course, right before I was set to leave the barn for the day I spotted feathers about and what looked like a flattened bird on the floor of the barn. Yes...upon further inspection it was a most beautiful sight. An impressive black bird carcass in a cool state of decay. There was no way I was leaving this gem behind.

So despite the fact that I am behind somewhat in studio work I am greatly inspired from the small trip and am excited all around about sketching, painting and working on models.

Beauty in Decay just waiting for me to paint it!

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