Sunday, July 8, 2012

Live Sketching: Hickory Run State Park

Hickory Run State Park
Quick sketch of Sharpie on paper.

The studio went outdoors today. It's been very hot and humid and I decided to head on out to a local lake to swim and cool off. I was going just to relax and wasn't expecting to work at all, but once I got to the lake it was hard to resist drawing. There were so many different body types and people were throwing themselves into the most interesting poses that I found it hard to resist the urge to draw. Thankfully, my sketchbook is always with me.

These are some of the best sketches of the day.

My favorite drawing of the day.

The woman with the swimming cap again.
She was so sassy!

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unilivia said...

I love your work- and how you bring your passion into every day. You have inspired me!