Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More Glazing

Final shot of a Mini Ziryab.

Full body shot of the mare.

The Mini Ziryab was a fun glazing project. Her final shots were taken with my new Nikon camera, which seems to be picking up color much, much better than the Olympus ever did. The initial discussion (with photos) of her can be found in two separate posts below.

(Glazing Part I and Glazing Part II)

The main theme around this particular project was using complimentary colors (purple and orange) together on one canvas, or in this case, resin sculpture.

I thought it would be fun to document another piece as it progresses. This resin is proving to be troublesome right from the start. Her pigment application spread during the initial fixative spraying and getting the unsightly areas to blend in better took several layers of oil. Basically, oil color (dark chestnut) was placed on one layer at a time with each layer being allowed to dry. There is no detail here yet just flat color.

A Little Lonestar is also getting glazing layers.

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