Thursday, July 5, 2012

RIP Olympus

Operation on the Olympus: unsuccessful.
Even my brother tried to help.

The entire operation in the studio relies on one component and that is my camera. If it breaks the entire office/studio just comes to a halt. Today, it did just that when the USB port in the camera snapped and broke inside the camera.

Of course, there was the hopeful operation which consisted of removing a gazillion tiny screws to no avail. There is always that one screw that prevents you from opening the entire piece fully which makes fixing difficult. In the end the verdict was that the camera had taken it's last photo for the studio. Photos of the sales Stormwatch remain inside it somewhere never to be seen I suppose.

Technology has improved greatly since I last purchased a digital camera for studio use. I decided to go with a Nikon this time and took along my tiniest horse (a Maggie Bennet "Sparrow") to test all the available cameras. Nikon won my attention and I suspect all my camera problems as of late, including problems with lighting may have been due to the fact that my camera had just gotten old. Already a few quick snapshots are revealing beautiful results. So perhaps this incident was a blessing in disguise.

Hoof detail on Stormwatch.

Quick shot using the new camera.
(Will be for sale soon.)

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