Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Merhorse

Epoxy balls prepped and ready to be made into scales.

This project was started several years ago. I took great delight in sawing a stablemate sized resin in half (No idea what I did with the back portion) and creating a "Merhorse" of sorts.

Recently, while looking for something in my basement studio, I came across the merhorse and was inspired to finish him...or her. Not sure if it would be a he or she. In any case I remember taking detailed photos of the severing of the body and creation of the back portion but those photos seem to be long gone. I knew it would have made a great tutorial. I personally tend to learn a lot from such fun projects as I give myself leeway to explore and just create. There are no rules and regulations and I can just have fun. It's important to take time out to just have fun.

My carousel book came in hand for scale reference.

Newly finished commission: Little Lonestar in bay roan.

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