Friday, July 20, 2012

Yes, More Dumpster Diving

Beat up table found on the street.

Searching for beat up unwanted furniture never ceases. Amazing as well is pieces that I need for certain parts of my house seem to magically turn up on the sidewalk just when I need them. This piece was found around the corner from my house, in the rain, beat up and very used. I had been searching for the perfect table for under my large bay window in the fireplace room to no avail. That is, until I spied this beauty standing unwanted waiting for the garbage truck.

It needed a bit more elbow grease than normal, but in the end it's turned out to be the perfect addition to my front room.

My brother graciously volunteered to sand the top down.

The top sanded and grooves filed.

The piece stood in my front room unfinished for months. I decided in the end, after painting the faux marble finish on the other pieces to let this piece match the others somewhat. Once I had part of the idea down, the rest fell into place. I refused to buy more paint so I just took stock of what I already had and then mixed up a custom color.

I was pulled to these colors and decided to see
what I'd come up with when I mixed them.

Two of the colors had primer mixed in already so I figured
I could just straight to painting.

The top and side spindles are painted a flat black.

Marbling effects added.

Blue oil washes added here and there to
help create a soft glow.

The finished piece.

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