Monday, January 2, 2012

Beauty In Decay

Gourd from Halloween

Opps. I forgot about those gourds sitting near the cabinet. They are just sitting there quietly, minding their own business rotting on the floor. Rot brings forth such beautiful colors. There is beauty in decay. Even with a nauseating headache yesterday I just couldn't leave well enough alone and pulled out my acrylic paints to capture the gourd.

The rest of the mini gourds sit quietly on my floor near the cabinet, minding their own business rotting in preparation for more painting. I may actually keep this one on my desk to see how interesting the decay gets. Within a few hours the gourd changed color and shape and is now greatly sagging on the left side. I'm further inspired.

Drawing the shape in graphite.

Acrylic washes

Blocking in color

A fun comparison

Trying to capture all the blues,
browns and purples in the decayed area.

Finish. My favorite spots are
the light blue areas where the mold started
to form. Mold on decay is fun to paint.

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