Sunday, January 8, 2012


Look, under the desk...

A backlog of commission work got my attention last night and will continue to keep me busy throughout the week. I hate the pressure of being behind on work and the only way to ease it is to make good headway. I'm most excited about an Indian Silver resin I have to paint. Owner has asked that I paint it chestnut. I always love when owners ask for solid colors. Solid colors are a pleasure to paint since many choose such flashy patterns and colors that just painting a plain chestnut is a nice diversion for a change.

None of this work is being done without my little studio helper. My new puppy Oreo has settled into life here with us very well. His favorite room is the office and his favorite spot is where ever my feet are. If I move them for even a split second he moves with me. Moved for half a minute to take the shot of the Johann resin and Oreo quickly made himself comfy...literally...on my feet. lol His company while I work is most soothing and very welcome.

A nice place to rest.

Quick shot of the Johann resin.
Flash is distorting color a bit.

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