Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just One More!

"The most important thing in life is to learn
how to give out love,and to let it come in."
~Morrie Schwartz

Just ONE more little mouse drawing had to come out this morning. I woke with the vision in my head and although I tried to stay focused on other necessary tasks this image wouldn't leave me alone till I penned it out. I think these pieces may lend themselves well as OOAK greeting cards if I can get them secured to a really nice card stock. This adventure isn't over I guess. lol

One of the necessary tasks today (which obviously is being put off till tomorrow) is to take down the Christmas tree. I'm not hating the fact that I have to do this chore, I'm actually thrilled that I have a fake tree. No needles everywhere for 11 months after and no hassle getting it out on time for garbage pick up. NO hassles at all really compared.

No offense, but I dislike real trees in the house at Christmas because I love trees and prefer to enjoy them in their natural state. Also, I could never get it out of my head that there was this majestic tree standing in my living room all severed and dying. I know a lot of people enjoy real trees. I'm just not one of them.

So today and tomorrow I'll slowly take things off the tree and get to enjoy my favorite ornaments once more till next year. I couldn't resist in sharing my absolute favorites with you. Most of these were gifts from dear friends and of course the last one was my newest one given to me by my son. I love watching his mind develop artistically. It's fascinating.

This is my favorite glass ornament from
my collection. It sparkles against the
Christmas lights so pretty.



My favorite ornament is hung last
on the tree in a kind of careful ritual.

It's wafer thin.

Without a doubt this is my absolute *FAVORITE* ornament I have ever received. Every year it is hung last and always in the front of the tree, eye level. The production on this piece from fellow ceramist Lesli Kathman is just astounding. I cannot figure out how she not only got the letters to imprint so perfectly on the piece, but how the side shapes are measured perfectly and none of the squares warped. Every inch of each letter is delicate and beautiful. You can tell a graphic designer worked on these. They are just perfectly created. Every year I pull this ornament out I get inspired to make more ceramic art and am inspired to create cleaner and more delicately. I tend to have a very heavy hand with my ceramics so her pieces make me want to use a lighter touch.

My newest ornament (in mixed media)
compliments of my son.

It even has a little pocket where
the snowman's snowman can sit.

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