Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mini Haggis III

MIni Haggis ready for detailing

Previously on Mini Haggis II….

Fixatives crackled on the surface and most of the back and sides had to be sanded and repaired. After the repair was complete facial and coat details were then added using water soluble oils.

Water soluble oils are a breeze to work with because they blend like traditional oils, but clean up like acrylics. They can be used in conjunction with other media and dry quickly. I have also found them to be easy when I make a mistake. I just wash the unwanted area off with soap and warm water and start over.

Basically take a darker version of the main coat color and apply in small areas and blend using a dry brush. Color should blend smoothly. Add highlights last and let dry overnight. Repeat if necessary.

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Apply detailing paint slowly

Darks and lights work
together to bring out sculpting detail

"The Ribbon III"
Graphite and watercolor on archival bristol

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Danielle Feldman said...

These water-based oils sound great. What are they called and where can I find them? Thanks!

~Jenn Danza~ said...

They are wonderful to work with. You can get them at Dick Blick and Ive seen them at AC Moore. Holbien puts them out but there are other brands too. Just look in the paint section near the oils. They are fairly popular. You can also mix them with linseed oil which is great if you want to glaze. Hope that helps!