Saturday, January 28, 2012

Live Sketching: JJ Bankos (PA)

Sketch on paper
with Prismacolor colored pencil

It was a spur of the moment session of live sketching last night. A friend and fellow high school classmate was at one of the local bars and I decided to grab my knapsack and run to sketch. Thankfully, mom and dad were around to watch my son (who was thrilled to have a sleep over at grandmas and grandpas last night.)

The sketching was good (as was the beer and company) and so here are the sketches from last night.

I love live sketching. It really puts your skills to the test especially when people are moving. The women last night were moving around a bit too much for my tastes and were difficult to capture. The men, not so much. So the sketches of the women aren't as good. Of course I could just be going through a phase were my abilities to sketch men right now are more honed than women. Whatever the case, the best drawings, in my opinion, are of the men.

In my opinion, the very
best sketch of the night.

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