Monday, January 23, 2012

Have Canvas Will Travel

The tree wanted me to mention
that he practiced all morning for this shot.
He did good for his first photoshoot I think.

I've come to learn that those who are ambidextrous (which I am) probably have some sort of brain damage. Well, that really doesn't surprise me. Neither does the urge to drop everything in the office/studio and pack up a plastic container full of art supplies, including my canvases, and drive onto the backroads till I found the perfect painting spot and set up shop.

Yeah.....I set up a painting station right in my Chrysler on the side of a road in the middle of...I have no idea what country road. Street names and directions hold no weight here. It's about composition, shape, line and color when searching for landscape fodder. I just keep driving till I find the perfect spot that inspires. The cup holders, the arm rest and the passenger seat all proved to be perfect for the session once I found the perfect landscape painting spot and the huge bin I threw everything in was choice. It held everything neatly and cleanly and offered a buffer for spilling paint from the palette.

The entire session took about three hours. Only one person stopped to help the "damsel in distress" and they seemed disappointed I wasn't in need. Sorry dude....move along!

I documented the painting process of this landscape painting done in acrylics. It has approx three more hours until finish which will be completed in my studio using photos taken on site. I've mentally cataloged the entire scene and will use the photos only as back up should I need a bit of reference, in particular with the trees in the foreground.

Huge plastic bin containing
everything I'll need for the adventure.

Cup holders and arm rest
come in hand during the session.

Laying down gesso. Its sorta like
primer for walls and preps the canvas

Then is started to rain
which greatly changed all the colors

After hour three with
three more hours left till finish

Graphite and watercolor on archival bristol

"Rain II"
Graphite and watercolor on arrival brisol.

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about dancing in the rain."

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Anonymous said...

absolutely enjoy your writings as much as your interpretations of things...much talent going on in your head down to your fingers to do your work. LOIS