Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Of Mice and Muse

Graphite and watercolor on bristol

Start of the new year equals new revelations of the joys of home ownership. Yearly sewage bill, garbage bill and school taxes......


This week brought forth all of that plus other insurance bills and a revisit of important documents. All real life drains on "The Muse."

The "Art Muse" wants to know nothing of real life. It doesn't care what time it is or what official documents need to be resigned cause the lawyer messed up. No, "The Muse" just wants to go and create NOW and gets fussy when you tell her, "No". Unfortunately when real life isn't in order "The Muse" does suffer and suffers greatly from awful accommodations the artist can give her. Panic, negativity and general laziness are her accommodations brought on by not dealing with real life issues. Such accommodations render her very cranky.

In visiting these real life issues, in particular some official documents, I was struck with the thought of how much I would push "The Muse" to the side in my old life. "Wait here for just a moment" I'd say, and then I would push her to the back and tell her to wait, "Just a little longer, I'll be right there." And then Id visit late in the night when everyone was asleep. Of course there were nights Id wake everyone up (clumsy me) and mayhem would break loose and the best remedy of the situation was to leave "The Muse" waiting and waiting. And when I would show up she'd always say the same thing. "You're sooo not being true to you."

I knew that, but real life had greatly taken over and there was no changing it. But sometimes The Universe steps in and changes things greatly for you and you find that all you have left is yourself and "The Muse", who is of course giving you that, " Toldja so..." look.

Now there is all the time in the world to be myself. To spread wings and fly. And on days like today when real life is pounding down my door I'm reminded to not push "The Muse" aside for too long, to never get in over my head with worry as everything does work out and to always be myself and let "The Muse" guide. I believe the Universe and God knows where and how to guide you, but why on EARTH I've got an infestation of mice in my brain as of late is well...... I guess God only knows.

Graphite and watercolors on bristol

Graphite and watercolors on bristol

Graphite and watercolors on bristol

Affirmation during morning meditation
and angel card reading to...
be myself....

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