Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday Afternoons

Graphite and watercolor on archival bristol

Sunday's are suppose to be a day of rest and although I try to calm my thoughts down a creative mind never seems to stop. Sunday afternoons have become a bit of a shopping day for me and my son. We have been enjoying several stores in the area and it's fascinating to watch his creative mind develop as we go about window shopping. Apparently he is just as enticed by the colors, shapes and textures of the house ware's section as I am. He can't seem to go past the colorful fry pans without stopping and admiring and I can't seem to get past that darned paper section without a complete melt down. We make a lovely creative shopping team. What a privilege to see the world through his young creative eyes.

Could I resist? Hell no! I think I could purchase every size box in that blue/brown combo.

More paper goodies
for the studio

Graphite and watercolor on archival bristol

"Joy is not in things; it is in us." ~ Richard Wagner

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